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Certificates & References
Geneva-based CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), the largest particle physics research facility in the world, issued a call for tenders for the modernisation of the protection and control system for its 66 kV substations. This international tender was won by MVM OVIT Zrt.
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In December 2012, in the context of the service life extension of the plant., MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Co. issued an invitation to tender for the upgrade of the protection and control system of the 6 kV distributors for normal operation (ABOS4) and for the backup system (ABOS2).
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ENEL S.p.A. is the largest electricity utility company in Italy, responsible for the electric power supply of the country (with the exception of a few cities) on the 10 kV – 130 kV voltage levels. Several local electricity utility companies also use protection system and protective devices, including relays, approved ENEL.
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In the mid-2000’s ELMÜ embarked on the primary and secondary reconstruction of the outdated medium-voltage switchgears. As the first stage of this long-term strategy, in the summer of 2011 a call for tenders was issued for the reconstruction of the Csarnoktér 120/10 kV medium-voltage substation.
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Stedin is a gas and electricity utility company in the Netherlands. In 2012 we submitted a bid in response to their call for tenders together with the Austrian Sprecher Automation. Protecta undertook to supply transformation and line differential protection for the 60 kV network.
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Transnet is the largest firm in the transportation network of South Africa. It also operates harbours, a railway network and liquid fuel pipeline systems. Cooperation between the railway traction section of this company and Protecta started in 2004, when we delivered the first distance protection devices for railway lines for testing purposes.
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The ground-braking ceremony of the new LEGO factory in Nyíregyháza was held in April 2013. Protecta submitted a bid for a protection and control systems for two bays and two transformers and the control system of the entire medium-voltage switchgear.  After several rounds of negotiations, Protecta was awarded this high-profile project.
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