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Products»EuroProt+»DAUT» E3-HSBT High Speed Bus Transfer device

The E3-HSBT is a control IED made for realizing high speed bus transfer for busbar sections supplying induction machine load; the device provides solution for bus transfer applications where quickness might be a crucial factor even to a point of a live bus transfer. It is a member of the DAUT product type in the EuroProt+ product family. The EuroProt+ family complex protection in respect of hardware and software is a modular device. Because of the modular architecture, the modules are assembled and configured according to the user’s requirements; from that point on, the software determines the functions.

Devices of the DAUT product type are configured for various automation purposes of the electric power system.

The EuroCAP configuration tool, which is available free of charge, offers a user-friendly and flexible application for protection, control and measurement functions to ensure that the IED-EP+ devices are fully customisable.


  • Native IEC 61850 IED with Edition 2 compatibility
  • Scalable hardware to adapt to different applications
  • 84 HP or 42HP wide rack size (height: 3U)
  • The pre-defined factory configuration can be customized to the user’s specification with the powerful EuroCAP tool
  • Flexible control functionality to meet special customer requirements
  • Advanced HMI functionality via color touchscreen and embedded WEB server, extended measuring, control and monitoring functions
  • User configurable LCD user screens, which can display SLDs (Single Line Diagrams) with switchgear position indication and control as well as measuring values and several types of controllable objects.
  • Various protection setting groups available
  • Enhanced breaker monitoring and control
  • High capacity disturbance recorder (DRE) and event logging:
    • DRE for up to 32 analogue and 64 digital signal channels.
    • Event recorder can store more than 10,000 events.
  • Several mounting methods: Rack; Flush mounting; Semi-flush mounting; Wall mounting; Wall-mounting with terminals; Flush mounting with IP54 rated cover.
  • Wide range of communication protocols:
    • Ethernet-based communication: IEC61850; IEC60870-5-104; DNP3.0 TCP; Modbus TCP
    • Serial communication: DNP3.0; IEC60870-5-101/103; MODBUS, SPA
  • The EuroProt+ family can handle several communication protocols simultaneously.
  • Built-in self-monitoring to detect internal hardware or software errors
  • Different time sources available: NTP server; Minute pulse; Legacy protocol master; IRIG-B000 or IRIG-B12X
Power energy availability is crucial for providing reliable power production for essential processes in power stations and industrial plants where lots of induction motors are applied. The E3-HSBT devices are designed to perform automatic high speed switching to a back-up power supply if the main feeder gets tripped.
In addition, the function takes into consideration the changing voltage and frequency of high power induction motors operating on the unsupplied busbar by controlling the moment of switching in order to avoid high current surges and mechanical stress for the rotating machines.
The IED includes wide range of control and supervisory functions which provide full control and user defined interlocking schemes for the primary switchgear at the substation.



  • Provide reliable, safe and uninterrupted supply
  • Support for simple and complex busbar applications (one HSBT function for each CB)
  • Guarantee of the shortest possible high speed switching time and the highest possible level of safety
  • Guarantee of an optimum safeguarding of energy supply
  • Instantaneous/Fast/Slow operation according to amplitude, frequency, angle, df/dt conditions, status signals and parameters.
  • The switching-over can be initiated automatically or manually as well
Protection & Control functions
The E3-HSBT configuration measures three-phase voltages from each side of the handled circuit breakers. The main function is the High Speed Bus Transfer function - the configuration contains as many instances of it as many CBs there are to transfer between. Each configuration is unique according to the actual bus arrangement which may vary largely but still can be handled thanks to the highly configurable logic of the device.
Protection & control functions IEC ANSI *Inst.
High Speed Bus Transfer 83 3
*The INST. column contains the numbers of the pre-configured function blocks in the factory configuration.These numbers may be different in order to meet the user’s requirements.
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