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Products»EuroProt+»DAUT» E4-METRA Automatic event-driven bus transfer device
High level of power availability can be achieved by applying one or several HV/HV or HV/MV standby power transformers to the substation/installation.

The AUTOMATIC EVENT-DRIVEN BUS TRANSFER device is developed to perform automatic switching from the main utility network supply to backup power supply in case of failure or power interruption of the main supply. Bus transfer is started by defined events (i.e. a binary signal) in the substation, e.g. tripping ofa specified circuit breaker.
Hardware Guides Version Format Date Size
Hardware description 1.40 19/10/2018 2.75 MB
Maintenance guide 1.3 19/02/2014 170.12 KB
Application Guides Version Format Date Size
Operating Manual and Troubleshooting Guide 1.0 19/02/2020
2.33 MB
CT application guide 1.0 24/11/2015 446.27 KB
Remote user interface description 3.0 06/06/2019 1.18 MB
LCD touchscreen interface description 1.0 27/06/2011 0.97 MB
Configuration Descriptions Version Format Date Size
METRA2 configuration description 1.0 15/11/2017 779.29 KB
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