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Products»EuroProt+»DTVA» E2-Line Combined high-voltage distance and line differential protection, control & automation device
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E2-Line is a dedicated transmission overhead line and cable protection, control and automation IED. The relay provides complex protection, control and monitoring functions. It is a member of the DTVA product type in the EuroProt+ product family. The EuroProt+ family complex protection - in respect of hardware and software - is a modular device. Because of the modular architecture, the modules are assembled and configured according to the user’s requirements; from that point on, the software determines the functions.

The DTVA product type is configured to protect, control and supervise the elements of the transmission network, where systems are typically solidly grounded worldwide. In these networks single phase-to-ground faults result in high currents comparable to line-to-line faults; therefore, both types of faults need fast protection functions.

The relay can be used for single- or three-phase tripping and it supports double breaker terminals such as breaker and a half or ring bus topology.

The main protection functions of the DTVA type include high-speed distance protection with five independent protection zones and line differential protection. The relays support the general teleprotection schemes (POTT, PUTT etc.).

Additionally the DTVA product type includes a variety of versatile protection functions: directional and non-directional overcurrent protection, voltage-based protection and frequency-based protection.

The HV automatic reclosing function provides multi-shot autoreclosing with a synchro-check feature. The dead times can be set individually for each cycle and separately for single-phase faults and multi-phase faults.

Because of the implemented control, measuring and monitoring function, the IED can also be used as a bay control unit.

The EuroCAP configuration tool, which is available free of charge, offers a user-friendly and flexible application for protection, control and measurement functions to ensure that the IED-EP+ devices are fully customisable.

General features

  • Native IEC 61850 IED with Edition 2 compatibility
  • Scalable hardware to adapt to different applications
  • 84 HP or 42HP wide rack size (height: 3U)
  • The pre-defined factory configuration can be customized to the user’s specification with the powerful EuroCAP tool
  • Flexible protection and control functionality to meet special customer requirements
  • Advanced HMI functionality via color touchscreen and embedded WEB server, extended measuring, control and monitoring functions
  • User configurable LCD user screens, which can display SLDs (Single Line Diagrams) with switchgear position indication and control as well as measuring values and several types of controllable objects.
  • Various protection setting groups available
  • Enhanced breaker monitoring and control
  • High capacity disturbance recorder (DRE) and event logging (data is stored in non-volatile memory):
    • DRE for up to 32 analogue and 64 digital signal channels.
    • Event recorder can store more than 10,000 events.
  • Several mounting methods: Rack; Flush mounting; Semi-flush mounting; Wall mounting; Wall-mounting with terminals; Flush mounting with IP54 rated cover.
  • Wide range of communication protocols:
    • Ethernet-based communication: IEC61850; IEC60870-5-104; DNP3.0 TCP; Modbus TCP
    • Serial communication: DNP3.0; IEC60870-5-101/103; MODBUS, SPA
  • The EuroProt+ family can handle several communication protocols simultaneously.
  • Built-in self-monitoring to detect internal hardware or software errors
  • Different time sources available: NTP server; Minute pulse; Legacy protocol master; IRIG-B000 or IRIG-B12X


e2-line_f_on_3.jpg84HP wide backe2-line_h_on.jpg

The E2-Line device is a combined distance and line differential protection and control IED. The relay provides complex protection, control and monitoring functions for transmission overhead lines and cables.

The phase-segregated line differential protection allows high-speed phase-selective tripping depending on the fault types and requirements. CT errors, CT saturation detection and optional charging current compensation are implemented in the configuration for increased stability and sensitivity.  It can be applied on multi-terminal lines with maximum three line ends.

Distance protection is also included in the configuration; it can be used as backup protection in case of communication failure or as a second main protection function.

The E2-Line relay includes a variety of versatile protection functions such as current- and voltage-based functions, directionality extension of the configured phase and residual overcurrent function as well as directional over- or underpower functions. The range of functions is supplemented with the automatic reclosing function, synchro-check/synchro-switch, power swing detection and switch-onto-fault logic. Based on the voltage measurement, the frequency is also evaluated to realize frequency-based protection functions.

The relay can be used as a back-up protection unit or as a decentralized busbar protection sub-unit.

scope of application

  • The main fields of application are transmission overhead lines including series-compensated lines and underground cable protection
  • The main protection is phase-selective line differential protection:
    • Optional redundant communication via two physical links in 2-end topology,
    • 3-end topology handling,
    • CT error and CT saturation detection,
    • Optional capacitive charging current compensation,
    • Wide range of communication schemes supported: dedicated fiber optic channel, pilot wire, communication networks using  G703.1 (64kbit/s)
    • Transformer can be placed in the protected zone
    • 1-/3-phase tripping and support for double breaker terminals such as breaker and a half  or ring bus topologies
  • Five independent distance protection zones with polygon-shaped or MHO characteristics:
    • Load encroachment characteristics
    • Analogue input processing is applied to the zero sequence current of the parallel line.
    • The complex earth-fault compensation factor is applied for the correct impedance measurement of single-phase-to-earth faults
    • The power swing detection function can block the distance protection function in case of stable swings, or it can generate a trip command if the system operates out of step
    • Numerous transfer tripping schemes available (PUTT, POTT, DUTT, Directional Compensation or Blocking, etc.)
    • Current reversal and weak-end infeed logic
  • Binary signal transmission or teleprotection with remote-end communication via several kinds of communication schemes
  • Non-directional impedance protection function or high-speed OC protection function is applied in case of switch-onto-fault conditions
  • Autoreclosing up to four shots of reclosing; dead times can be set individually for each reclosing sequence separately for single-phase faults and for multi-phase faults
  • Full-scheme faulty phase identification by minimum impedance detection
  • VT supervision and dead line detection
  • Current unbalance detection of CT
  • Switchgear automation and control with synchro-check/synchro-switch capability
  • Programmable interlocking schemes
  • Back-up protection for transformers, lines, generators, motors, busbars
  • Optional decentralized busbar protection sub-unit application


Protection & Control functions

There are two main protection functions in this application: the distance protection function and the line differential protection function.

The E2-Line configuration measures three phase currents, the zero sequence current component of the parallel line and, additionally, three phase voltages and the busbar voltage. These measurements allow, in addition to the current- and voltage-based functions, directionality extension of the configured phase and residual overcurrent function and also directional overpower or underpower functions. The communication hardware module sends and receives phase current vectors to realize the line differential protection function.

The scope of functions is supplemented with the automatic reclosing function with synchro-check/synchro-switch feature.

Protection & control functions IEC ANSI *Inst.
Distance protection function Z<, FL 21 1
Switch-onto-fault preparation function 1
Synchro check synchro switch function SYNC 25 1
Definite time undervoltage protection function U<, U<< 27 2
Directional overpower protection function P> 32 2
Directional underpower protection function P< 37 2
Negative sequence overcurrent protection function I2> 46 1
Broken conductor protection I2/I1> 46BC 1
Negative sequence definite time overvoltage protection function U2 > 47 1
Line thermal protection function T > 49 1
Three-phase instantaneous overcurrent protection function I >>> 50 1
Residual instantaneous overcurrent protection function Io>>> 50N/50G 1
Breaker failure protection functions CBFP 50BF 1
Definite time overvoltage protection function U>, U>> 59 2
Residual definite time overvoltage protection function Uo>, Uo>> 59N 2
Voltage transformer supervision and dead line detection function 60 1
Current unbalance function 60 1
Directional three-phase overcurrent protection function I Dir>, I Dir>> 67 2
Directional residual time overcurrent protection function Io Dir>, Io Dir>> 67N/67G 2
Inrush current detection function I2h> 68 1
Overfrequency protection function f>, f>> 81O 2
Underfrequency protection function f<, f<< 81U 2
Rate of change of frequency function df/dt 81R 2
Teleprotection function ? 85 1
Line differential protection function 3IdL > 87L 1
*The INST. column contains the numbers of the pre-configured function blocks in the factory configuration.These numbers may be different in order to meet the user’s requirements.
Type description version Format Date Size
Transmission line protection & control 1.1 09/06/2020 2.04 MB
Hardware Guides version Format Date Size
Hardware description 1.44 31/03/2022 4.23 MB
Maintenance guide 2.0 18/11/2022
769.82 KB
Application Guides version Format Date Size
Operating Manual and Troubleshooting Guide 1.3 13/04/2021 2.50 MB
Line differential communication application guide 1.4 29/11/2019 0.99 MB
IEC61850 documents version Format Date Size
Protocol Implementation Extra Information - PIXIT 1.1 20/03/2017 259.27 KB
Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement - PICS 1.1 20/03/2017 261.09 KB
Model Implementation Conformance Statement - MICS 1.0 21/05/2012 864.71 KB
Configuration Descriptions version Format Date Size
E2-Line configuration description 2.2 17/09/2014 2.95 MB
E2-Line_H product configuration options 4.4 22/11/2022
E2-Line_F product configuration options 4.5 22/11/2022
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