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Products»Smart Line»S16 Series» Variant 3 Voltage and frequency protection
Protection & control functions
Protection & control functions IEC ANSI *Inst.
Definite time undervoltage protection function U<, U<< 27 2
Negative sequence definite time overvoltage protection function U2 > 47 1
Breaker failure protection functions CBFP 50BF 1
Definite time overvoltage protection function U>, U>> 59 2
Residual definite time overvoltage protection function Uo>, Uo>> 59N 2
Overfrequency protection function f>, f>> 81O 2
Underfrequency protection function f<, f<< 81U 2
Rate of change of frequency function df/dt 81R 2
Vector jump protection function ΔφU> 78VJ 1
*The INST. column contains the numbers of the pre-configured function blocks in the factory configuration.These numbers may be different in order to meet the user’s requirements.
System Description version Format Date Size
IED-EP+ S16 general description 1.2 07/07/2017 2.44 MB
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