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Products»Smart Line»S16 Series» Variant 4 Non-directional 3Ph and dir. Io overcurrent protection
S16  Flush mountingS16 din rail mounting

S16 Variant 4 is extended with one voltage input compared to Variant 1 for residual voltage based protections, such as residual directional overcurrent and residual overvoltage protections.

The relay provides 4 current channel inputs and one voltage channel input.

Devices of the IED EP+ S16 series are designed to provide small-size, cost effective, simple solutions for feeder, motor and several kinds of back-up protection applications. These devices have predefined hardware arrangement and fixed standard configurations.

The relay is equipped with a USB 2.0 port on the front and a serial interface on the rear side. The front port is the engineering port where the user is able to change parameters etc. using the S16 Tool software. The rear port is only for SCADA connection.

General features

  • Compact (16HP) housing
  • Software-configurable secondary rated current for the phase and the residual currents
    (1-3CT channel rated current: 1 or 5A; 4th channel: 0.2;1;5A)
  • Universal power supply (19.2 - 300 VDC; 80 - 255 VAC)
  • Event recorder for up to 1000 events
  • Free, user-friendly software tool
  • High-speed, supervised TRIP contacts
  • Built-in supervision
  • Several mounting methods: Flush mounting; Semi-flush mounting; Din rail mounting
  • Software-configurable rated voltage of the binary inputs
  • Ready-to-use and straightforward handling
  • Supported communication protocols: 
    • IEC 60870-5-101
    • IEC 60870-5-103
  • 128x64 b/w LCD with white backlight
  • 4x pushbuttons
  • 8x three-color matrix programmable alarm LED indicators
  • Three-color status LED

S16  Flush mountingS16 din rail mounting

Scope of application

  • Non-directional  overcurrent and directional earth-fault protection functions for overhead lines and cable networks
  • Inrush detection function
  • Thermal overload protection for feeders, cable and transformers
  • Negative sequence overcurrent protection
  • Residual voltage protection based on the residual voltage measurement
  • Transient earth-fault detection
  • Breaker failure protection
  • The implemented protection functions provide complete back-up protection for feeders, motors, transformers and generators in utility and industry applications, where independent and redundant protection system is required.
Protection & control functions
Protection & control functions IEC ANSI *Inst.
Negative sequence overcurrent protection function I2> 46 1
Line thermal protection function T > 49 1
Three-phase instantaneous overcurrent protection function I >>> 50 1
Residual instantaneous overcurrent protection function Io>>> 50N/50G 1
Breaker failure protection functions CBFP 50BF 1
Three-phase time overcurrent protection function I>, I>> 51 2
Residual overcurrent protection function Io>, Io>> 51N/51G 2
Residual definite time overvoltage protection function Uo>, Uo>> 59N 2
Directional residual time overcurrent protection function Io Dir>, Io Dir>> 67N/67G 2
Inrush current detection function I2h> 68 1
Transient earth fault protection function 1
*The INST. column contains the numbers of the pre-configured function blocks in the factory configuration.These numbers may be different in order to meet the user’s requirements.
System Description version Format Date Size
IED-EP+ S16 general description 1.2 07/07/2017 2.44 MB
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