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Products»Smart Line»S24 Series» Variant 5 Two winding transformer differential protection
Protection & control functions
Protection & control functions IEC ANSI *Inst.
Negative sequence overcurrent protection function I2> 46 1
Line thermal protection function T > 49 1
Three-phase instantaneous overcurrent protection function I >>> 50 2
Residual instantaneous overcurrent protection function Io>>> 50N/50G 2
Breaker failure protection functions CBFP 50BF 2
Three-phase time overcurrent protection function I>, I>> 51 2
Residual overcurrent protection function Io>, Io>> 51N/51G 2
Current unbalance function 60 2
Inrush current detection function I2h> 68 1
Generator differential protection function 3IdG > 87G/87M 1 op.
Differential protection function 3IdT > 87T 1
*The INST. column contains the numbers of the pre-configured function blocks in the factory configuration.These numbers may be different in order to meet the user’s requirements.
Protecta products can be ordered by using an Order Code. This code specifies the hardware and the configuration.
Please always refer to a valid Order Code when placing an order.
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