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Products»EuroProt+»DTRV»Transformer protection & control» E2-TR Two-winding transformer differential protection and control device (with phase-voltage measurement added)
84HP wide84HP back42HP

The E2-TR is a dedicated two-winding transformer protection and control IED; the relay provides complex protection, control and monitoring functions for two-winding power transformers. It is member of the DTRV product type in the EuroProt+ product family.

The DTRV type is designed particularly for protection and control applications of power transformers and generators including generator-transformer blocks. Additionally, the DTRV product type includes a variety of versatile protection functions to meet the users´ most exacting requirements.

Because of the implemented control, measuring and monitoring function, the IED can also be used as a bay control unit.

The EuroCAP configuration tool, which is available free of charge, offers a user-friendly and flexible application for protection, control and measurement functions to ensure that the IED-EP+ devices are fully customisable.

General features

  • Native IEC 61850 IED with Edition 2 compatibility
  • Scalable hardware to adapt to different applications
  • 84 HP or 42HP wide rack size (height: 3U)
  • The pre-defined factory configuration can be customized to the user’s specification with the powerful EuroCAP tool
  • Flexible protection and control functionality to meet special customer requirements
  • Advanced HMI functionality via color touchscreen and embedded WEB server, extended measuring, control and monitoring functions
  • User configurable LCD user screens, which can display SLDs (Single Line Diagrams) with switchgear position indication and control as well as measuring values and several types of controllable objects.
  • Various protection setting groups available
  • Enhanced breaker monitoring and control
  • High capacity disturbance recorder (DRE) and event logging (data is stored in non-volatile memory):
    • DRE for up to 32 analogue and 64 digital signal channels.
    • Event recorder can store more than 10,000 events.
  • Several mounting methods: Rack; Flush mounting; Semi-flush mounting; Wall mounting; Wall-mounting with terminals; Flush mounting with IP54 rated cover.
  • Wide range of communication protocols:
    • Ethernet-based communication: IEC61850; IEC60870-5-104; DNP3.0 TCP; Modbus TCP
    • Serial communication: DNP3.0; IEC60870-5-101/103; MODBUS, SPA
  • The EuroProt+ family can handle several communication protocols simultaneously.
  • Built-in self-monitoring to detect internal hardware or software errors
  • Different time sources available: NTP server; Minute pulse; Legacy protocol master; IRIG-B000 or IRIG-B12X
84HP wide84HP back42HP

The E2-TR is a dedicated two-winding transformer protection and control IED; the relay provides complex protection, control and monitoring functions for two-winding power transformers. It is member of the DTRV product type in the EuroProt+ product family.

The E2-TR relay provides a variety of versatile protection functions along with the main transformer differential protection, such as 3ph, Io and I2 overcurrent protection, overload protection, restricted earth-fault protection etc.

Sensitive restricted earth-fault protection (REF) is the final element in the overall differential protection system, which detects even single phase-to-ground faults close to the grounded neutral of the transformer.

The multiple instances of the implemented three-phase and residual overcurrent functions are provided for the segregated protection of both transformer windings.

Furthermore, several voltage-based protection functions are available for one transformer winding based on the three-phase voltage measurement. The connections of the voltage measurement depends on the current application.

The E2-TR transformer protection relay can support double-breaker terminals on any side of the transformer such as breaker and a half or ring bus topology. 
Automatic phase shift and turns ratio compensation for all types of transformer winding connections.

It can be used as a back-up protection relay for downstream equipment (e.g. feeders, cables).

The IED includes a wide range of control and supervisory functions, which provide full control and user-defined interlocking schemes for the primary switchgear at the substation.

scope of application

  • 2-winding transformer protection and control device with main transformer differential protection and several additional protection functions;
  • The versatile protections functions can provide back-up protection relay for downstream equipment (e.g. feeders, cables etc.),
  • Protection for all kinds of power transformers (including auto-transformers),
  • 1-/3-phase tripping and support for double breaker terminals such as breaker and a half  or ring bus topologies
  • Three-phase transformer differential protection:
    • Automatic phase shift and turns ratio compensation of the transformer,
    • 2nd and 5th harmonics restraint for transformer inrush and overexcitation detection,
    • Residual current elimination feature is available  if there is a neutral grounding transformer in the protected zone on  the  secondary  side  of  the  transformer,
  • Sensitive restricted earth-fault protection,
  • Several voltage-based protection functions are available through the three-phase voltage measurement,
  • Current unbalance detection of Current Transformers,
  • Programmable interlocking schemes,
  • Optional external units:
    • 28 input/ 5 output tap changer transcoder (TRCS),
    • Remote I/O unit (RIO),
  • Optional transducer I/Os (RTD/mA),
  • Optional impedance protection


Protection & Control functions

The E2-TR configuration measures three phase currents, the residual current component from both sides of a two-winding, three-phase transformer and, additionally, three phase voltages. These measurements allow, in addition to the current- and voltage-based functions, directionality extension of the residual overcurrent function.

The main protection functions are the transformer differential protection and the restricted earth-fault protection functions. Based on the voltage measurement, the frequency is also evaluated to facilitate frequency-based protection functions.

The additional protection functions can provide back-up protection relay for downstream equipment (e.g. feeders, cables etc.).

Protection & control functions IEC ANSI *Inst.
Overexcitation protection function V/Hz 24 1
Definite time undervoltage protection function U<, U<< 27 2
Negative sequence overcurrent protection function I2> 46 1
Negative sequence definite time overvoltage protection function U2 > 47 1
Line thermal protection function T > 49 1
Three-phase instantaneous overcurrent protection function I >>> 50 2
Residual instantaneous overcurrent protection function Io>>> 50N/50G 2
Breaker failure protection functions CBFP 50BF 2
Three-phase time overcurrent protection function I>, I>> 51 2
Residual overcurrent protection function Io>, Io>> 51N/51G 2
Definite time overvoltage protection function U>, U>> 59 2
Residual definite time overvoltage protection function Uo>, Uo>> 59N 2
Current unbalance function 60 2
Directional residual time overcurrent protection function Io Dir>, Io Dir>> 67N/67G 2
Overfrequency protection function f>, f>> 81O 2
Underfrequency protection function f<, f<< 81U 2
Rate of change of frequency function df/dt 81R 2
Restricted earth-fault protection function REF 87N 2
Differential protection function 3IdT > 87T 1
*The INST. column contains the numbers of the pre-configured function blocks in the factory configuration.These numbers may be different in order to meet the user’s requirements.
Type description version Format Date Size
Transformer protection & control 1.0 05/04/2019 2.08 MB
Hardware Guides version Format Date Size
Hardware description 2.00 10/02/2023
4.24 MB
Maintenance guide 2.0 18/11/2022 769.82 KB
Application Guides version Format Date Size
Operating Manual and Troubleshooting Guide FW version 2.8 1.4 14/03/2023
3.59 MB
IEC61850 documents version Format Date Size
Protocol Implementation Extra Information - PIXIT 1.1 20/03/2017 259.27 KB
Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement - PICS 1.1 20/03/2017 261.09 KB
Model Implementation Conformance Statement - MICS 1.0 21/05/2012 864.71 KB
Configuration Descriptions version Format Date Size
E2-TR configuration description 1.0 24/03/2013 4.40 MB
E2-TR_H product configuration options 4.2 22/11/2022 -
E2-TR_F product configuration options 4.2 13/01/2023 -
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